Digitize the last mile in your Enterprise with WRKTOP

The DESKLESS WORKFORCE on the field can COLLABORATE, TRANSACT & LEARN with the backend from a UNIFIED interface from their PERSONAL device

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WRKTOP is a NO-CODE, Mobile FIRST Platform



WRKTOP provides an integrated platform with a set of RICH FEATURES that enables the DESKLESS WORKER to execute all OFFICIAL TASKS on the move. WRKTOP is QUICK TO DEPLOY and EASY TO ADOPT

Forms & Flow Designer for Process Digitization
GO! – AI Powered Digital Companion for easy data retrieval
Cabinet for Shared Storage of documents
Location based field force for tracking and task assignment
Chat- 1-1 and Groups for collaboration & broadcasting
wrktop    WhatsApp integration to engage with external stakeholders
Open APIs to seamlessly Integrate with Enterprise systems
wrktop    BOT Maker to deploy BOTs in-app as well as on WhatsApp

Use cases

Industry Sectors

FinWRK - Financial Services

Reduce turnaround time for on-boarding a new customer, and timely collections

PharmaWRK - Pharma

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pharma representatives

Consumer Goods

Empower the service technicians in their visits


Improve Customer support processes and empower
sales staff

Transportaion & Logistics

Monitor deliveries and
track status in real-time


Track staff activities and anticipate guest requirements even when away from desk

Information Technology

Automate processes across the organisation and for customer interactions

Engineering & Construction

Enable field inspectors and supervisors to capture project status


Sales and Marketing

Easy access to product feature lists, catalogues, pricing information and promotional data

Customer Support

Raise support tickets, check status and track to closure remotely

Procurement and Inventory

Track organisational assets, inventory levels, and goods in transit while in the field

Field force Management

Location based assignment of tasks to field force. Expense management, attendance and online training for deskless workers

One simple pricing

8.00 $
Per user/month
  • Unlimited Number of Forms & Workflows (includes Designer)
  • Chat and Broadcast
  • Cabinet (limited to 100 GB storage )
  • GO! Digital Companion
  • Location tracking
  • Message Notification
  • Bot Maker

Optional add-ons:

  • Bot Deployment: $50 per Bot
  • APIs : US$ 100 per month (limited to 1 Million calls a month. US$ 10 for every additional Million API invocation calls)
  • Co-branded app: US$ 15000 one time
  • On-boarding, Form/Flow development and implementation Services: US$ 25/hour based on number of hours expended
  • Whatsapp Message Notification : 1 ¢ per message
  • SMS Message Notification : 0.5 ¢ per message

Take advantage of your US$ 100 STARTER CREDIT to try WRKTOP

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